Advantages and Benefits of Turboalgor

More cooling power, lower energy use, and lower environmental impact

The TurboAlgor kit increases energy efficiency by up to 23% when added to a compression refrigeration system. Simultaneously, it boosts cooling power by up to 56%.

up to
energy savings
up to
cooling power boost
up to
annual carbon savings*

*Carbon savings per year: Value obtained estimating an energy saving of 23% of a low-temp refrigeration system with an electric power of 50kW in operation 7,920 hours annually.

Turboalgor is revolutionizing the cooling industry

Our new green technology reduces energy consumption and creates carbon savings

The measurable benefits to refrigeration systems from adding Turboalgor are represented below by data from analysis of actual applications, conditions, and inspections.

Monitor in real time by integrating our software

The kit can be integrated with our monitoring software, which offers real-time remote control of the main parameters of the kit and system, including energy savings.


Turboalgor helps create sustainable refrigeration systems

TurboAlgor technology is suitable for low temperature, mid temperature, and high temperature refrigeration systems, allowing us to serve the industrial refrigeration industry while also providing solutions for cooling systems and air conditioning systems.
TurboAlgor’s product range varies by electric and cooling power (from 5 Ton to 85 Ton) and evaporation temperature (low, medium, or high temperature). Successful implementations of Turboalgor span the food industry, GDO and retail, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and refrigerated transport. Turboalgor has solutions for almost any cooling implementation.

Turboalgor's production plant

Turboalgor's R&D test bench


Looking to the future of natural coolants

TurboAlgor technology can be used with organic HFC coolants, or freon, like R404a or similar, including next-gen refrigerants HFO like R448a, R449a, R452a (with GWP, or global warming potential, of less than 2500). In the future it has been developed to function with natural refrigerants including carbon dioxide (CO₂) and ammonia (NH3).

The Benefits of Turboalgor Are Undeniable.

Analyt-IQ is striving to make the world's refrigeration industry greener. The industry comprises almost 20% of electricity use worldwide at present, but with a cutting-edge product supported by international patent, we can cut electrical consumption while increasing cooling power.

Increased cooling power

Turboalgor boosts the cooling power of industrial refrigeration systems by up to 56% and works on many other cooling systems.

Reduces CO₂ emissions

Using groundbreaking technology, Turboalgor cuts carbon emissions in line with modern environmentally responsible standards.

New and existing systems

With three unique configurations available, Turboalgor works with both new and existing refrigeration systems.

Contact the technical engineers at Analyt-IQ today for a free consultation on how we can fulfill your specific needs.

Start saving energy now.

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