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The Turboalgor Product Range

Turboalgor is transforming the industrial refrigeration industry.

Our range of products is available in different combinations of electricity consumption (from 5 Ton to 85 Ton) and evaporation temperature, meeting the needs of those operating throughout the cold chain. From the food industry to G.D.O. and retail, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, to refrigerated transport, Turboalgor offers major energy savings and increased cooling power.

Research and Development

Our technology is continuously improved and developed.

Today, Turboalgor offers a full range of low temperature (LT) products. Corresponding solutions for medium temperature systems (MT) are currently at the testing stage, while development for high temperature products (HT) continues.

Suitable compressors for use with Turboalgor kits

Turboalgor solutions can be used with dry piston, screw and scroll compressors.

The Turboalgor Range of Solutions

To suit the unique requirements of every application, we offer three different Turboalgor solutions: our Stand-alone Kit, our Integrated Solution, and our Advanced Integrated Solution. The maximum payback period for all systems is four years, although this period reduces as the integration level increases.


Stand-alone Kit

The main components, including the turbocharger, the heat exchangers, and the lubrication system, make up the kit and can be directly connected to your refrigeration system.


Integrated Solution

The turbocharger, the heat exchangers, and the lubrication system are integrated into the refrigeration system itself. With this solution, commissioning and overall dimensions are simplified.


Advanced Integrated Solution

The refrigeration system is assembled by the manufacturer, with the turbocharger integrated in the main compressor and the exchangers integrated in the refrigeration system.

The Benefits of Turboalgor Are Undeniable.

Analyt-IQ is striving to make the world's refrigeration industry greener. The industry comprises almost 20% of electricity use worldwide at present, but with a cutting-edge product supported by international patent, we can cut electrical consumption while increasing cooling power.

Increased cooling power

Turboalgor boosts the cooling power of industrial refrigeration systems by up to 56% and works on many other cooling systems.

Reduces CO₂ emissions

Using groundbreaking technology, Turboalgor cuts carbon emissions in line with modern environmentally responsible standards.

New and existing systems

With three unique configurations available, Turboalgor works with both new and existing refrigeration systems.

Contact the technical engineers at Analyt-IQ today for a free consultation on how we can fulfill your specific needs.

Start saving energy now.

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