Turbo power that makes the cooling industry greener.

Analyt-IQ is the exclusive North American distributor of Turboalgor, a revolutionary system for 5 to 80 Ton refrigeration systems that provides energy savings while boosting your cooling power.


See how Turboalgor technology reduces energy consumption

up to
energy savings
up to
cooling power boost
up to
annual carbon savings*

*Carbon savings per year: Value obtained estimating an energy saving of 23% of a low-temp refrigeration system with an electric power of 50kW in operation 7,920 hours annually.

The Turboalgor product range

Our products encompass a variety of different combinations of cooling power and evaporation temperatures to meet the needs of various clients. We offer three solutions to suit the different integration levels: our Stand Alone kit, our Integrated Solution, and our Advanced Integrated Solution.

Payback period of no more than 4 years for every Turboalgor system.

New green technology meets educated experts

Analyt-IQ was born in early 2020. The Analyt-IQ team is comprised of former colleagues from the Angelantoni group, including mechanical, electrical, and thermal engineers. The Angelantoni group made a name for themselves as one of today’s leading companies in the research, development, and production of testing equipment, including a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers and projects in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency. After over 20 years of success at the Angelantoni group, our team has taken on the challenge of forming Analyt-IQ as the exclusive North American distributor of the Angelantoni group's Turboalgor technology.


Turboalgor is a certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 innovative start-up company. Turboalgor technology is protected by international patent PCT/IT2007/000360.

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The benefits of Turboalgor are undeniable.

Analyt-IQ is striving to make the world's refrigeration industry greener. The industry comprises almost 20% of electricity use worldwide at present, but with a cutting-edge product supported by international patent, we can cut electrical consumption while increasing cooling power.

Increased cooling power

Turboalgor boosts the cooling power of industrial refrigeration systems by up to 56% and works on many other cooling systems.

Reduces CO₂ emissions

Using groundbreaking technology, Turboalgor cuts carbon emissions in line with modern environmentally responsible standards.

New and existing systems

With three unique configurations available, Turboalgor works with both new and existing refrigeration systems.


Interested in hearing more about the benefits of Turboalgor and working with Analyt-IQ? Hear what our past clients have to say about their updated refrigeration system.

“When we start facing even more rapid growth, we saw joining the H2020 Turboalgor Consortium as an opportunity to pioneer in implementing the latest energy efficiency solution which we believe is going to revolutionize the Refrigeration Industry dramatically.”

Gloria Arregui Maraver
Managing Director, Grupo Tres Mares

“Two or three years ago, I was dreaming of this kind of process improvement and upgrade. I was scribbling this stuff on napkins. It’s remarkable to see it come to life with the help of TURBOALGOR. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience or results.”

Valerio Sammaciccia
CEO and owner of SACOLD Srl

Contact the technical engineers at Analyt-IQ today for a free consultation on how we can fulfill your specific needs.

Start saving energy now.

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